Who am I?

I am a young guy from Norway, named Erik. Online I go by the name DarkIBL or DarkSliders. I’ve been using photoshop since 2012, and just about all that I can do with photoshop is self taught.

I started off making Minecraft texture packs and skins, and later off I started making overlays and graphics for people on Twitch and similiar websites. Now however, I’m a web-designer and entrepeneur.

What else do I do?

Well, I actually stream a little bit, and I’ve also been making videos for several years. I think I’m getting the hang of it!

I’m also involved with politics, and I’m a member of the liberal conservative party in Norway. I’ve even been on national TV! And many, many times on the local radio talk show! Other than that I fish a lot on my free time, and hang out with friends.

Want me to work for you?

Well, bummer. I don’t really do any graphics anymore. I don’t even know why I still have this portfolio up.

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